Transom rebuilds

Transom rebuilds are needed if your current transom has rotted or is not fit for purpose. Transom rebuilds for us here at AOSL generally require building up so that a longer shaft engine can be fitted, or alternatively, a transom rebuild will be needed if you are fitting a shorter shaft engine than the previous one.

Transom rebuilds require specific skills and our team ( Mike being ex-Team NZ) have these to complete your transom rebuild as required. Several different materials can be used for transom rebuilds (or the reverse),

The transom is a major structural part of your boat, especially if you own an outboard.

The transom not only supports the weight of the motor; but also maintains the shape of the boat.

When the transom loses its stiffness, so does the outboard motor. Often, excessive motor movement is the first sign of trouble and this is a serious issue.

We can help with

  • Transom replacement and repair
  • Transom stiffening
  • Transom build-up for repowering
  • Transom alterations to change from inboard to outboard engines and vice versa.

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Above is a picture of a recent rebuild completed

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