Hardtop construction

You may want to modify your boat from a soft top fabric Bimini to a Hardtop.

There are loads of advantages to completing a hardtop construction. You no longer need to waterproof your Bimini (if you do want to retain your Bimini we recommend Tent Magic Ultra as a waterproofer (Tent Magic.co.nz).

Having a hard top helps with weather and sun issues and your hardtop can be constructed to suit your boat.

Our hardtop construction is bespoke to your boat and allows for greater elements protection and is a great upgrade for you and your boat. Our hardtops are fibreglass as are the mounting poles. We can also supply aluminium.

The hardtop/roof is suspended above the windscreen and helm station with support provided by aluminium or stainless-steel frames.

Many boaters prefer the open hardtop over an enclosed version as this configuration has excellent airflow and ventilation whilst providing shelter and shade from the sun.

Drop curtains 0r clears are still needed – on three or four sides – to provide complete weather protection. We have an upholsterer than can make supply and fits clears.

An open hardtop boat is much cheaper than the enclosed version, yet the hardtop roof can still be used as the mounting platform for radio aerials, navigation lighting, rod racks, radar domes, and so on.

Similar to the enclosed-type hardtop, you can also have a radio/storage box (or safety gear netting) fitted beneath the hardtop and above the helm station.

Have a look at some pictures we have taken of recent hardtop constructions.

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